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Haptic Control of a Rehabilitation Robot

Robotic support has become interesting more and more in rehabilitation of human motor function, e.g. after stroke. First types of rehabilitation robots were intended to replace repetitive movements of a physiotherapist and therefore guide the patient along a physiological reference trajectory. The robot brings the advantage of an accurate and repetitive movement while being resistant to any type of fatigue. New understanding about motor learning shows that patient's active participation builds an essential element for rehabilitation success. A rehabilitation robot should therefore be as cooperative as the physiotherapist and enhance the patient¿s activity, e.g. by only supporting the patient if needed. This requires the robots to be equipped with a "haptic interface", which enables the control of the interaction forces with the user. This Praktikum presents a test bench to understand, implement, test, and discuss different approaches of "haptic control".



Wednesday 13:00-17:00

ML G 56 (SMS-Lab)


Marie Georgarakis

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