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Currently, the following student projects are available. Please contact the responsible supervisor and apply with your CV and transcripts.

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Adaptive Learning Control Concept with ARMin V

Evaluate possible learning control strategies for an implementation in ARMin. Implement the selected controller in ARMin. Conduct a technical study showing the accuracy and usability of the chosen learning controller. Show details 

Surgical Robot for Laser Osteotomy

In this project, the Master candidate will participate in the development of a surgical robot for the manipulation of a semi-flexible endoscope. The robot has 6 DoF for the control of the position and orientation of the endoscopes tip and an additional DoF for the bending of the tip. Show details 

Robotic training of sports complex skills

Deciphering human movement control strategies is a main topic in Neuroscience, which requires interdisciplinar collaboration. The outcome of this study will help clarifying how complex movements are learnt by humans, and how the subcomponents of this motions are organized in the learning process. Show details 

Interaction Forces in Climbing: What metrics are suitable to monitor progress in training and how should they be assessed?

Climbing is still a fast growing competitive and recreational sport, however, research on forces applied in climbing are still in its infancy. This project will elaborate new methods to assess interaction forces in climbing. Show details 

Interaction Forces in Climbing: How to assess them in an affordable manner?

Although contact forces between climber and hold have been emphasized as an important component in successful climbing, affordable instrumentation to measure these forces are not available, especially for measuring holds with arbitrary shapes. In this project, affordable instrumention is developed. Show details 

Conducting Rehabilitation Studies with ARMin V

Recrute and supervise a designed therapist-orientated study to further increase usability of the robotic rehabilitation device ARMin V. The study will contain ca. 15 physiotherapists and the measurements will be taking place at the Balgrist Campus and Clinic Lengg. Show details 

Expertise in climbing: Comparison of perception and action

This project will investigate (i) whether advanced climbers better perceive their action capabilities than intermediate climbers, and (ii) whether advanced climbers act nearer to their maximal action capabilities. Show details 

Game and GUI Development for the Rehabiliation Robot ARMin V

Upgrade our graphical user interface for therapists and develop an interesting game for stroke patients. Show details 

A Mechanism for End-Effector Stabilization of a Robotic Endoscope in Laser Osteotomy

In this project, the candidate will support our interdisciplinary team in stabilizing and controlling the end-effector of a robotic endoscope which is guided by a serial robot. Show details 

Design of a Robotic System for Cardiac Surgery

Desired Knowledge: Mechanical design, mechatronics; interested to work with physicians. Starting date: Immediately Show details 

Design of a Device for Diagnosing Hip Osteoarthritis

Desired: Knowledge in mechanical design, mechatronics; interest to work with physicians Starting date: Immediately Show details 

A Micro Opto-Fluidic Device for Laser Osteotomy

In this project, the Master candidate will support our interdisciplinary team in the development of a 3D printed microfluidic device for irrigation. One of the most efficient laser ablation mechanisms is thermal vaporization. In order that this process will be effective one has to create a controlle Show details 

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